Forbes: UK Commercial Property - A Glaring Opportunity or a Brexit Disaster?

29th September 2017

Whitechurch Securities investment director Gavin Haynes has been adding to the asset class having exited last summer due to concerns over valuations. He says: “On the effect of the Brexit vote and the effect of investment flows on liquidity, we are now more sanguine. The yields offered by the asset class appear attractive relative to bonds, while the U.K. economy has not fallen off a cliff and overseas buyers continue to support demand. As a result we have added a modest weighting to cautious and balanced mandates.

“This recent move back into property is endemic of our view that with cash continuing to provide a negative real return, there are opportunities across asset classes that can provide more attractive long-term growth prospects and more attractive yields.”

Full article available at: Forbes - U.K. Commercial Property: A Glaring Opportunity Or A Brexit Disaster?

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