Our Services

 Whitechurch Financial Consultants offer a full financial planning service encompassing wealth management, retirement planning, long term care planning, inheritance tax planning and mitigation, and protection assessment and implementation.


Your needs may be simple and straightforward; highly complex or somewhere between the two.

WFC Comprehensive_Wealth Management

We have different services, ranging from those designed for individuals and families just starting out on their saving and investment journey to those who have accumulated significant personal or business wealth and whose personal circumstances, tax and advice needs are consequently more complex.The one aspiration that all our clients share, irrespective of wealth, is the desire to achieve greater long-term financial security by making more informed financial and investment decisions. It is our primary goal to make sure that our clients achieve this objective.

We provide Restricted Advice as we will not recommend product solutions which we believe to be high risk, as we feel they are seldom in our clients’ best interests. Where discretionary investment management is believed to be the right solution for our clients we will only recommend the award winning in-house investment management services provided by Whitechurch Securities Limited.