SEMINAR: Coping with the costs of Long Term Care

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Whilst we live healthy, happy lives, the thought of losing mental capacity through a disease such as Dementia is put to the back of our minds and planning for such eventualities are postponed to a later date.

However, although more and more of us are living for longer, with rising life expectancy is an increased prevalence of dementia. It is a uniquely devastating disease, it can attack memory, personality, language and physical abilities. It can last for years, even decades; and currently, it has no cure. Without careful planning, the financial toll on you or your family can be nearly as cruel as a personal loss.

This is why Whitechurch Financial Consultants teamed up with BRACEGloucestershire County Cricket Club, and Clarke Willmott solicitors to provide insightful presentations on the financial and legal aspects of coping with the costs and responsibilities of care. 

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  • Will Brown, Chief Executive of Gloucestershire County Cricket Club, welcomed everyone and shared his personal experience on the subject; as his grandparents were diagnosed with Dementia. 
  • Professor Stephen Lisney - Chair of BRACE Trustees, spoke about the quest for answers through science – for early diagnosis and possibly treatment. He highlighted a recent ‘breakthrough’, enabled by much-needed grants; with a ‘breathalyser’ that help reveal early levels of dementia. 
  • Legal expert, Anne Minihane of Clarke Willmott gave a comprehensive insight into the importance of creating your Lasting Power of Attorney – to have someone you trust to make decisions for you and to avoid the cost and involvement of strangers. 
  • Mark Stone, Financial Planning Director, of Whitechurch Financial Consultants, explained that it is never too early to plan; holistically; and to plan for the short, medium and long-term future. Long-term planning includes retirement and eventualities such as providing for Long Term Care.
  • Mark Poarch, Chief Executive of BRACE, closed the event. He thanked the speakers and encouraged the attendees to take full advantage of the ‘free’ expertise available in the room – before they went on to watch a complimentary cricket match.

“The presentations were excellent and relevant to everyone and the underlying message was that no one should make assumptions on their mental and general health…”   Peter Probyn GCCC Premier Club member


Looking to the future - The battle to defeat or at least live better with dementia continues...

Dementia Awareness Week 2018 takes place from Monday 21 to Sunday 27 May and there are many ways through which you can support BRACE – this week and beyond – to continue with their 30 years of funding world-class dementia research.